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A proudly UAE-Born concept launched in 2015, This is Hot Dog has already found success, with our first branch in a prime Dubai location, bringing a new twist to classic, timeless cuisine. This is Hot Dog has quickly become a beloved favorite of foodies across the region. With one branch already successfully established in the UAE, This is Hot Dog is gearing up to expand across the Middle East and worldwide. This is Hot Dog’s trademark is already registered and ready for franchise across the GCC, Levant, North Africa, Whole Europe, USA, Canada, Russia, and Turkey

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  • Why franchise with This Is Hot Dog?
    This Is Hot Dog is a simple concept, but unlike anything you’ve ever seen or tasted, guaranteeing a higher ticket price than other quick service restaurants. As such, you’ll enjoy high profit margins, which means that you have a great opportunity to maximize your own earnings. We’re investing heavily in marketing, which will ensure that your own marketing investment goes even further. With the popularity of This is Hot Dog already taking off, we’re set to take the region – and the globe – by storm, and you could get in on the action.
  • What makes This is Hot Dog such a great entrepreneurial opportunity?
    -You can’t beat the impeccable quality. -No one does variety and culinary innovation like we do. -We handily outsell the competition. -We know that marketing matters – and we’re prepared to innovate and invest accordingly. -An ideal place for family outings, social gatherings, and even work-related functions -People of all ages and nationalities love our food, returning time and time again
  • What Is Sub-Franchise?
    Ownership of an entire country, territory or market - where one can enjoy a new multiple income resources including; Franchise Fees, Royalty & Supply Chain.
  • Why is our food special?
    No Mystery Meat. All-Natural Ingredients. No Preservatives or Additives. 100% pure, high-quality beef and chicken meat. Hot dogs cooked to order on natural lava stones. Brisket marinated in its own juices and slow-cooked for eight to ten hours Unique flavors and unorthodox ingredients, Variety and Innovation. A vintage vibe coupled with superlative service.
  • Do you provide a training system?
    You and your staff will receive thorough training and preparation with a clear concept already in place. We can help ensure turnkey operational implementation. You’re guaranteed to have an exceptional ROI.
  • Do you offer Delivery Business?
    Yes! Reaching 7km radius surrounding each branch will allow you to serve a high density of population and will generate an exceptional returns to the business.
  • Do you have a Catering Business?
    Yes! Our concept can conquer the city with its one-of-a-kind live-stations/carts, which would be a perfect fit for events, birthdays, parties, schools, universities and even weddings.
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